Monthly Archive: September 2013

Preparing for the INFORMS!

Next week Saturday, I’ll go to Minneapolis for INFORMS Annual Meeting 2013. It’s one of the biggest conference on Operations Research, and this is going to be my first time. Although I’m not going to present my research, I am invited as a blogger to official annual meeting blog! Moreover, Pelin will write on INFORMS E-News. I would like to...


Hey, Isn’t That a Cylindrical Cut?

Although colors are not perfect, here is my first official cylindrical cut! Green is a problem constraint, blue and red planes are parallel hyperplanes and finally, yellow is the cylindrical cut. I’m going to present it at the Cor@l seminar, this Thursday, yay!


Honorary Degrees vs Pencil

I believe universities should not give honorary degrees. It has no meaning as long as universities award this degree in exchange for donations. In practice, it works for some universities. University of Virginia, MIT, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Stanford, CIT and Rice Universities don’t give honorary degrees [W]. I wish we had a similar policy in Lehigh, too. Instead, medals can be...


Chorus of the Three Musketeers

Bite me programming languages! I was planning to take a course from Computer Engineering department (CSE 411 – Advanced Programming Techniques) to improve my programming abilities and learn do’s and don’ts of it. However, it turns out that professor assumes everyone in the class know C, C++, Java, Python, etc… Well, I spend my years to code in Java but...



If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

— Abraham Maslow (Law of the Instrument)


Steam, CS and Trading

I think Steam is by far the greatest technology in PC gaming. They are doing a great job to end customers in terms of supplying up-to-date PC games and makes it available on cloud. Basically, you are able to play your game on different computers and platforms starting from your last saved state. That’s really cool. I don’t even mention...