Monthly Archive: July 2014

5 reasons to go one of the nation’s largest free music festival: Musikfest

Well, I normally write about academic stuff or my life but I decided to make an exception for today’s topic. Every year, Bethlehem, PA hosts one of the nation’s largest free music festival, Musikfest. The term ‘musik’ shouldn’t surprise you, giving the German roots of the town! Musikfest is the focus of interest in the Lehigh Valley since 1984. It...


How to really clean the Putty terminal?

Almost for two years, I was suffering from using clear  command in Putty terminal screen. If you have used it before, you could recall that this command is not cleaning the terminal. It’s just shifting your code. So whenever I scroll up, I was welcomed by my ugly code. Damn! It is especially annoying when I’m running make  command to compile my...


30 Days of ‘Futbol’

Final match between Germany and Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2014 was an epic match to remember. It was a great ending to our 30 days of ‘futbol’ for sure. I was rooting for Germany so I am delighted to see that Germany claimed the victory in the so called spiritual home of football. But besides that, this tournament was much...