BsdvtYRCIAARkIFFinal match between Germany and Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2014 was an epic match to remember. It was a great ending to our 30 days of ‘futbol’ for sure. I was rooting for Germany so I am delighted to see that Germany claimed the victory in the so called spiritual home of football. But besides that, this tournament was much better than the previous World Cups, in many ways.

There are certain things that I will remember about this match. Although he was under stress of bringing a medal with the ‘golden generation’, Low managed to make good decisions and leaded his team to victory. One of the best moment of the tournament that he was smiling at the ending whistle. First time I have ever seen him smiling, including the time he was coaching in Turkey. BsdT4ZMIcAAu4mMAnother hero was Schweinsteiger for his great determination. I couldn’t count how many fouls he took today. Some people say he deserved a purple heart for that! I absolutely agree 🙂 Meanwhile, I hope everything is OK for Kramer after that dangerous hit. I surprised of the fact that Messi got the best player award. Overall, Robben of Netherlands was much better. He brings more excitement to the field.

Ozil was ineffective during all tournament and Neuer was unbelievably good. Especially his play against Algeria is going to be remembered for a long time. In this tournament we see that teamwork works better than individual skills, which is a good thing for a football fan, I guess.

BsdatPFCIAA2J96Well, the better team won the trophy and that’s all matters. It was funny that ESPN announcer was saying “… watch MLS game tonight at 10 pm …” during the match. You know, ‘soccer’ have a long way to go to reach that level of professionalism. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that US MNT reached the qualifiers. I even watched a game of Philadelphia Union after US’ successful World Cup journey. I hope to see better days of ‘futbol’ in US.

Until next time, fellow football fans!

PS: A cool photo of Empire State for you guys 🙂