Bite me programming languages! I was planning to take a course from Computer Engineering department (CSE 411 – Advanced Programming Techniques) to improve my programming abilities and learn do’s and don’ts of it. However, it turns out that professor assumes everyone in the class know C, C++, Java, Python, etc… Well, I spend my years to code in Java but nearly have no idea about others. I know it is easy to learn others when you know one, but the first assignment was incredibly annoying for a beginner. So I dropped the course.

Guess what? I am taking a course from our department (Industrial Engineering) which is called “Computational Methods in Optimization”. Although it sounds better for me, now I am coding a function in C, Python and Matlab! So, wherever I go in this semester, I am sure that there will be C, Python and Matlab brothers. Come on, I’m ready to roll!