We have been in US for approximately 1.5 months, so we tasted so many things already. Here is a short list about which foods we liked and didn’t like.

One of our favorite is Taco. Pelin really likes Mexican food. Another great thing is meat. We love eating steak, especially I love Ribeye Steak. Since steak is cheap compared to Turkey, we are able to eat often which makes me feel as I am in Shangri-La. Also pizzas are great. Actually, in general, Italian restaurants are making really delicious pizzas, pastas and salads. Why we like Italian foods may be related with the similarities between Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. I think olive oil is the key factor.

Somehow, we also like some fast food, but not at all.

Snacks are number one in our “evil foods” list. There are billions types of snacks and all of them are looking into your eye to be taken to the home. We tried a few, and we decided not to buy them due to their fat ratio. We are watching out our weight.

If you ask Pelin, her #1 among all is definitely coffee. Since she is a coffee addict, she is trying to taste all kinds of it. Even today, she tried a coffee, which I didn’t know at all. I don’t remember even its name now. Thanks to her, I have always coffee in lectures.

By the way, one of the famous American food (thanks to Simpsons), bagel, becomes one of my favorite breakfast option for weekdays.

And lastly, we were curious about Macaroni and Cheese before coming to US. And I can say that, we liked it, we have cups of Macaroni and Cheese at home.

I think I’ll write more about food. It is always insufficient no matter how long you wrote.

Bon Appetit!