I realized that people tend to read and comment posts when you write item by item. Let’s try it out!

1. Philadelphia is nice

We were able to visit Philadelphia (finally, thanks to cancelled class of Mathematical Programming). It took almost one and a half hour to Philly. We visited Reading Terminal Market, City Hall, Walnut St., Macy’s in Center City and some shops on 12th Street.   Moreover, we walked through all Benjamin Franklin Pkwy and total of 4.7 miles with the motivation provided by Pelin-hime. We like Philly, we had not enough time to explore much, but as far as we saw, it is a clean and highly intellectual city. However, compared to NYC, people seem to be calm.

2. Linear Algebra is needed

Note this one if you are an industrial engineering/operations research student: Learn Linear Algebra before it’s too late! You will see, in every theoretical part of these majors, you will need it, as I need it much…

3. Record vs Record

There were some words who are exactly same in writing but different while pronouncing. It changes whether it’s a noun or verb. For instance noun form of record is pronounced as \ˈre-kərd\ and verb form is \ri-ˈkȯrd\ (Check it here) I realized that I pronounce some of them good already, but I didn’t know the rule until this week. As a non-native speaker, I have a long way to go.

4. Exams are scary

We already know that exams are scary, but I learned that it is even more scary if you are not quite sure what you will be asked for. I had an exam Wednesday, I have a good feeling about it but I was so nervous before the exam. I am waiting the day determinedly when there is no more exam for me!

5. Acquaintance vs Friend

Don’t call anybody as “friend” since you saw him/her quite often. It is safe to call them as acquaintances. Especially if you feel something negative at first glance, trying to become a friend is simply barking up to wrong tree.

6. Expectation!

People always demand for more. I couldn’t have enough time to deliver all things on time. First of all, I need to prepare and defend my thesis as fast as I can. But thanks to endless exams, assignments and homework, I didn’t open my thesis folder even once since August. Tomorrow is another day though.