1. American Humor

This week we attend a seminar with Pelin about American Humor presented by Curtis Buie. It was very funny and educational, I learned various outlets of humor. I realized that humor is one of the most complicated things for a non-native speaker, because you need to be very careful while responding or making a joke. I am reading a book about Popular Jokes in America and also we are telling new jokes we learned to each other.

2. 5th Anniversary Gift

I mentioned that its my fifth year in blogging. Realizing that, Pelin gave me a gift to celebrate. She bought me a die-cast model car. It’s 1:24 scaled version of Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce, which is my favorite car ever. I placed the car near to my study desk for motivation 🙂 I want to collect some die-cast model cars. And I want to thank you Pelin, for this gift also in here.

3. Mathematical Optimization

Well, it’s half of my life. Duality, Farkas, Pivot, Linear Independency, Ellipsoid, Karmarkar, … I have an exam Tuesday and I’m a little bit worried about it. There are lots of stuff to learn!

4. PA Power Switch

I learned that if you are a resident in Pennsylvania, you have right to choose your power supplier. Although electricity is continued to distributed by PPL, you can “shop” for electricity via this link. By doing so, it’s possible to reduce bills almost $100 in a year. In Bethlehem, the cheapest firm seems to be “Superior Plus Energy Services” and if you are planning to switch this one, use referral code DKX8NW to win $20 reward 🙂

5. Athillas Thasos

In each country, there is a weird singer, right? We have one in Turkey as well, Atilla Taş, and his song Yam Yam Style which is a cover of famous Gangnam Style takes negative response from audience (of course). The funny thing is Turks are trying to show him as a Greek singer, thus getting rid of its ashame. You can read comments here and here. There are already over 5000 comments in Youtube 🙂

Have a great day everyone 🙂 Stay tuned!