1. The Melting Pot

We went to The Melting Pot / Bethlehem with Pelin this week. It’s a chain fondue restarurant, which offers both cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Since we are addicted to chocolate fondue already, we wanted to try cheese fondue. We tried Cheddar Cheese Fondue, and it was amazing. We surprised that in each table, there is a pot, which restaurant’s name is coming from; and fondue is prepared and melted in front of you. Especially it was delicious with white bread, although Pelin liked brown bread more. Atmosphere and design of The Melting Pot are also other pros.

2. Machine Learning

We spent last two days for our Machine Learning homework. It was a little bit difficult, nevertheless was very fun to do. I went to bed at 4 am last night to finish nonlinear separation (which is the second and difficult part of the assignment). We couldn’t figure out it last night, but today we finished it. I played Team Fortress 2 in honor of submitting assignment!

3. Seperation vs Separation

Today Pelin told me that separation is often misspelled as seperation. I couldn’t be sure about which one I was using, and I am confused since both seems correct to me when she said it. While writing these sentences, WordPress is warning me that seperation is wrong, so I know exactly which one is the correct one.

4. World Series

In coffee hour this week, Prof. Curtis mentioned about ‘World Series‘ which is some kind of play-off of baseball. I like baseball because it was one of few games in my Nintendo when I was a child. But I didn’t watch baseball since I’m here, since it seems very looong and boring to me. I was used to controlling players 🙂 I know this play-off thing is important here. At least, it is almost headline in New York Daily News, so it’s a good criteria that shows it’s important in US. During coffee hour, it is also discussed that why its name is ‘World Series’ although it’s a national event 🙂

5. Flash

I started to learn Adobe Flash 🙂 It seems fun if I can do more than just bouncing a ball. I am trying to learn Flash in order to improve visual appeal of my presentations.

6. Halloween

Well, Halloween is getting near. You should see how our street is decorated. There are lots of houses with full of lights, pumpkins,  skeletons and frightening undefined objects. We hang a cute ghost to our window as well to join the fun! For those unfamiliar to Muslim traditions, there is also a feast (bayram in Turkish) (Feast of Sacrifice – Kurban Bayramı) nowadays. On account of this bayram, I wish happiness to everyone.

7. Tom, Dick and Harry

I came across with this phrase which is used to mention about unspecified/ordinary people during a talk. We have Turkish version of this phrase with Turkish names. Then I realized that there is also other Tom, Dick and Harrys in other languages. I especially like the French one: Pierre, Paul ou Jacques 🙂

Have a nice weekend!