I’m working with Prof. Tamás Terlaky on conic optimization. I focus on Portfolio (Finance) Optimization models and the possible implementation of disjunctive conic/cylindrical cuts into these problems. (Introduction to Conic Optimization for those wonder) I also interest with any real-life application of the Mixed-Integer Second Order Conic Optimization (MISOCO) problems, such as energy, aviation and healthcare.

I have a master thesis titled”Final Phase Inventory Management of Spare Parts Under Non-homogeneous Poisson Demand Rate”. I am looking forward to publish it as soon as possible. I’ll share news about it.

Basically, I have experience in Linear and Mixed-Integer Optimization, Heuristics, Inventory Theory, Supply Chain Management, Simulation, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Transportation and Logistics. Moreover, I am currently learning about Semi-Definite and Conic Optimization. Other than these, I interest with Machine Learning Optimization and read / share about Business Analytics and Big Data Optimization.