I was a lab assistant in simulation course when I was a senior during my undergraduate (2010). It was fun, because my only responsibility was checking the students and helping them out. It was fun, because simulation is one of the rare stuff in IE/OR which is mainly about computers and software. It was fun, because it was a good opportunity for tasting academic life even a little.

And years later, for spring term, I am a teaching assistant in simulation course but this time load is much more. Although we are two assistant in the simulation, there are nearly 100 students enrolled to the course. But it is better than my previous experience, because I have chance to teach some materials every week. We are preparing quizzes, assignments and grading them, also we are supposed to teach 30-minutes material in every lab. It’s intense but Simulation is unique as a course because learning curve is really steep. I become really happy when someone gets a full grade on quiz. Another good thing is, I really enjoy simulation itself and like to share stuff about it. It’s a powerful tool that needs experience and interest.

Who knows, maybe I can teach simulation one day as a professor. Until then, I am better to read those ungraded assignments yet!