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Calm Down Valley!

There is a hurricane getting near to us. Since it will be our first hurricane, we are not quite sure what it will look like. To be on the safe side, we went to mart to get some equipment suggested by university. I couldn’t believe what I see there: all torches and water are gone. I saw a man who...


City of Festivals

It is almost two and a half months since we arrived in Bethlehem, and three festivals are happened already! Our first one was Musikfest, which is the biggest non-gate music festival in US. It was very crowded and settled in a huge area. We enjoyed a lot, especially food was great. Since it was in first days of August, the...


First Impression About Foods in US

We have been in US for approximately 1.5 months, so we tasted so many things already. Here is a short list about which foods we liked and didn’t like. One of our favorite is Taco. Pelin really likes Mexican food. Another great thing is meat. We love eating steak, especially I love Ribeye Steak. Since steak is cheap compared to...