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Notes From This Week – 3

1. The Melting Pot We went to The Melting Pot / Bethlehem with Pelin this week. It’s a chain fondue restarurant, which offers both cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Since we are addicted to chocolate fondue already, we wanted to try cheese fondue. We tried Cheddar Cheese Fondue, and it was amazing. We surprised that in each table, there is a pot,...


To Do List

I have some theorems and corollaries regarding my weekly to-do list. Theorem 1: There is at least one homework/assignment each week. Proof: Thanks to Prof. Eisenberg, I have MATH 310 (Random Processes) homework each week. There was an exception last week, but we had IE 495 (Machine Learning) assignment instead, so theorem holds. Not an ordinary proof, but it’s my...