I have some theorems and corollaries regarding my weekly to-do list.

Theorem 1: There is at least one homework/assignment each week.

Proof: Thanks to Prof. Eisenberg, I have MATH 310 (Random Processes) homework each week. There was an exception last week, but we had IE 495 (Machine Learning) assignment instead, so theorem holds. Not an ordinary proof, but it’s my best so far.

Corollary 1: There are some weeks with more than one homework/assignment.

Proof: Of course, it is. I am here for PhD, so what’s the big deal Sertalp? Were you planning to finish PhD just by sleeping?

Corollary 2: There is at least one night that I need to awake until 3 am each week.

Proof: Direct implication of Theorem 1. If I have homework each week, then obviously I need to spend some time on it. Since we know that I don’t start unless it is 11.30 pm, hence corollary is proved.

Theorem 2: There is at least one off-school topic in list, which I don’t do.

Proof: Since I have “review and improve your Japanese” bullet in my weekly list, hence it is proved easily.

Theorem 3: There is at least one off-school topic in list, which I do.

Proof: I have “write post to your blog”, so it’s self-proved. This “self-proved” thing remembers me that I need to prove rotated second order cones are self-dual until tomorrow, otherwise something unexpected can happen.

Theorem 4: There is a certain item which is on every list.

Proof: Since I realized that everybody in an IE department needs solid Linear Algebra skills, I had “work Linear Algebra on your spare time” item on my to-do list. Since I don’t have “spare time” in my life, it may remain on my list forever. Ok, I admit that at least in summer I can work on it. But it will be in my list for at least 7 months.

Off-topic: I missed first two presidential debates (since I had homework/exam and I was sleepy). But today, I intent to watch it (everybody watches it, so I wonder what’s happening). If you are planning to watch, here is a list you may expect in this debate.

Since this one is a post about “list”, link fits to my post well.

Have a nice day!